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Product Design and Development
Rs. 110
Product Design and Development(Engineering)
Rs. 230
Energy Engineering
Rs. 365

Energy Engineering(Engineering)    

Mechanical System Design
Rs. 345
Mechanical System Design(Engineering)
Structural Analysis - I
Rs. 280
Structural Analysis - I(Engineering)
Control System- I
Rs. 290
Control System- I(Engineering)
Fluid Mechanics - I
Rs. 225
Fluid Mechanics - I(Engineering)
Foundation Engineering
Rs. 170
Foundation Engineering(Engineering)
Advanced Surveying
Rs. 205
Advanced Surveying(Engineering)
Data Science and Big Data Analysis
Rs. 160
Data Science and Big Data Analysis(Engineering)
Computer Network and Technology
Rs. 295
Computer Network and Technology(Engineering)
Control System
Rs. 310
Control System(Engineering)
Analog Communication
Rs. 285
Analog Communication(Engineering)
Object Oriented Programming
Rs. 220
Object Oriented Programming(Engineering)
Power Electronics
Rs. 315
Power Electronics(Engineering)
Business Management
Rs. 210
Business Management(Engineering)
Information Theory Coding and Communication Networks
Rs. 275
Information Theory Coding and Communication Networks(Engineering)
Advanced Processors
Rs. 130
Advanced Processors(Engineering)
Broad Band Communication System
Rs. 190
Broad Band Communication System(Engineering)
Mobile Communication
Rs. 280
Mobile Communication(Engineering)
Audio Video Engineering
Rs. 235
Audio Video Engineering(Engineering)
Rs. 265
Web Technology
Rs. 210
Web Technology(Engineering)
Design and Analysis of Algorithm
Rs. 195
Design and Analysis of Algorithm(Engineering)
Embedded System and Internet of Things
Rs. 140
Embedded System and Internet of Things(Engineering)
Software Modelling and Designing
Rs. 150
Software Modelling and Designing(Engineering)
Cloud Computing
Rs. 195
Cloud Computing(Engineering)
Illumination Engineering
Rs. 225
Illumination Engineering(Engineering)
Utilization of Electrical Energy
Rs. 205
Utilization of Electrical Energy(Engineering)
Design of Electrical Machines
Rs. 155
Design of Electrical Machines(Engineering)
Numerical Methods and Computer Programming
Rs. 295
Numerical Methods and Computer Programming(Engineering)
Fundamentals of Micro-controller and Applications
Rs. 225

Fundamentals of Micro-controller and Applications(Engineering)  

Integrated Circuits
Rs. 295
Integrated Circuits(Engineering)
Applied Thermodynamics
Rs. 240
Applied Thermodynamics  ( Engineering)
Theory of machines -I
Rs. 335
Theory of machines -I ( Engineering )
Engineering metallurgy
Rs. 220
Engineering metallurgy ( Engineering)
Fluid Mechanics
Rs. 250
Fluid Mechanics ( Engineering )
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Rs. 245
Electrical and Electronics Engineering  ( Engineering )
Railway and bridge engineering
Rs. 130
Railway and bridge engineering  ( Diploma)
Rs. 125
Hydraulics ( Diploma )
Geo-technical engineering
Rs. 110
Geo-technical engineering  ( Diploma )